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SEBA Crypto Asset Select Index (SEBAX)®

Diversify your exposure to ride the crypto wave while reducing risk.

Our award-winning SEBAX® Tracker has delivered market-beating returns for crypto investors thanks to its proprietary Smart Beta investment methodology.

Constantly monitored and rebalanced every month, using both top-down and bottom-up analysis of individual coins, the SEBAX® Tracker is designed to deliver optimal diversification across the cryptocurrency market.

SEBAX® was named Best ETP of the year for 2022 and 2023 at the Swiss ETF Awards.

Product Specifications

  • Name of product

    SEBA Crypto Asset Select Index (SEBAX)®

  • ISIN


  • Underlyings


  • Currency


  • Additional currencies

    EUR, CHF

  • Current price

    24.25 USD*

Current price as per 04.12.2023