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AMINA Crypto Asset Select Index (AMINAX)

Diversify your exposure to ride the crypto wave while reducing risk.

Our award-winning AMINAX Tracker has delivered market-beating returns for crypto investors thanks to its proprietary Smart Beta investment methodology.

Constantly monitored and rebalanced every month, using both top-down and bottom-up analysis of individual coins, the AMINAX Tracker is designed to deliver optimal diversification across the cryptocurrency market.

AMINAX was named Best ETP of the year for 2022 and 2023 at the Swiss ETF Awards.

Product Specifications

  • Name of product

    AMINA Crypto Asset Select Index (AMINAX)

  • ISIN


  • Underlyings


  • Currency


  • Additional currencies

    EUR, CHF

  • Current price

    39.59 USD*

Current price as per 01.03.2024

Currently available at: